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Arab doctors have proof that Israel used unlawful weapons

UAE Daily News (VAE)
March 17, 2009
Representing the Arab Doctor's Union Haytham Khayat said Tuesday Egyptian and Jordanian doctors who have entered Gaza have compiled dozens of reports that prove that new weapons were used during the military invasion of Gaza December 2008-January 2009.
He added that those reports prove that depleted uranium, white phosphorus and other weapons were used by the Israeli army and that those reports could be sent to laboratories to analyze.
Addressing a half-day panel on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council, Issam Younis from Gaza's Al-Mezan for Human Rights said the Gaza incursion is a blatant model of grave and serious human rights violations of humanitarian law and human rights law.
Younis stressed that the whole issue of justice will be undermined if the perpetrators of those crimes are not brought to trial.
The panel entitled Gaza; Universal jurisdiction and the International Criminal Court (ICC) listened also to the representative of International Civil Defense Organization Jean Charles Dedo and from Dr. Saad Al Nounou, from the NGO Roots on their mission to Gaza. They made a power point presentation showing the degree of destruction inflicted on Gaza during the war. Their mission report has been circulated to more than 50 states members of their organization. Khayat cautioned against a modern reconstruction of Gaza that would provide for wide roads and would help the attacker to invade it in an easier manner than during the 2009 January war.
Chair of the panel Ann-Marie Lizin from the Belgium Senate criticized the French presidency of the EU for upgrading relations with Israel at the conclusion of its term. She urged the EU to take a forceful step and investigate in the damages incurred on the infrastructure which was completely destroyed.
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