Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Spel: dienstweigeren Oekraïne

20-7-2023 De Oekraïense Pacifistische beweging maakte een online spel waarin je een jonge pacifist uit Odesa bent, een stad in Oekraïne. Na de brute Russische invasie roep je op tot geweldloos verzet en diplomatie in plaats van bloedvergieten. Mensen denken dat je gek bent of een verrader, omdat de media hen heeft verteld pacifisten te haten.


Your mission: quit the corruption game and survive!


You are a young pacifist from Odesa, a city in Ukraine. After the brutal Russian invasion you call for nonviolent resistance and diplomacy instead of bloodshed. People think you are crazy or traitor, because the media told them to hate pacifists. Your government plans to wage war indefinitely until all invaders are killed. All men in the country are subjects to conscription, even against their will, for armed defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Borders are closed: nobody should escape military duty. Scared by conscription, many of your peers sit home because people get draft cards mostly at the streets. It is not an option for you, though, because you must sustain your family.


You are deprived of your right to refuse to kill. You will be treated as cannon fodder, unless you evade a draft. When you meet recruiters with a draft card, you must pay for deferral or they will stuff you into their van and transport you to a frontline military unit for certain death. You are caught in a vicious circle of corruption, forced to hand over almost all your humble earnings to greedy and cruel military recruiters all the time. The only way to escape from war profiteers is to buy on the shadow market a relocation scheme, being smuggled across the border and start a new peaceful life in a new place.


Het spel is meertalig. Je kunt het in het Engels spelen op: https://notowar.itch.io/no-to-war-the-game

Bron: Ukrainian Pacifist Movement