Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Let's talk about war

5-2-2020 Security is the religion of our times. Frame any problem as a security problem and military means quickly pop up as the answer. Migration, climate change and poverty are often framed as threats instead of complex social, economic and political questions. The arms industry is pushing this approach.


It is lobbying for military and security technology in European capitals and at the EU. However, people from grassroots organisations are pushing back, using creative actions and positive narratives and working on sustainable solutions.


A night of international discussion with researchers, campaigners, audience and the European Network Against Arms Trade.




The programme consists of different blocks. The first part of the evening we will talk about European security as we do not want it. We will discuss the following topics with presentations by Stop Wapenhandel (Amsterdam), Centre Delas (Barcelona) and the European Network Against Arms Trade Brussels project:


- Development, climate change and militarisation of security
- Arms industry influence on EU policy
- Migration and border security


The second block we will discuss resistance, activism and organizing and we will do a concise activist training and discuss the Vredesactie (Belgium), followed by an activists panel where we will answer the question: What is the state of affairs of activism against arms trade and militarism in Europe?


The panel group consists of: Peter Tkáč - Nesehnutí, Czech Republic (activism against arms trade) Barbara Happe - Urgewald, Germany (campaigner bank, arms and fossil fuel) Stefanie De Bock - Vredesactie Belgium (campaigns against EU militarisation) Diyar Jassim - Niet in mijn Naam, Netherlands (youth against military interventions) Djoena - Stop War on Migrants, Netherlands (actions against border militarisation) Jarmo Berkhout - Het Actiefonds, Netherlands (financial support for radical actions) Herman van Veelen - Ploughshares support group, Netherlands (civil disobedience against nuclear arms)


Every block is followed by a Q&A with the audience.


Plaats en tijd:

Pakhuis de Zwijger, 28 februari, 20 uur

Bron: Stop Wapenhandel