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Online cursus geweldloosheid

16-4-2020 Op 7 mei a.s. begint een online cursus die een introductie biedt in de theorie en vooral ook de praktijk van geweldloosheid. De cursus duurt 8 weken en is te volgen via Zoom op elke donderdag om 19 uur. De cursus wordt gegeven door Nina Koevoets van Peace Power.


From the 7th of May Nina will start an online course that is an introduction to Nonviolence, following the recently published Engaging Nonviolence Study Guide.

It will be an 8 week long course through zoom, every Thursday at 19:00 CET. Each session will be about one hour, sometimes a bit more.

If you have always wanted to learn more and did not have time to do so, NOW is your chance! Now we are all sitting at home, we may reflect on our priorities and decide what is important. And it would be a really great opportunity to start to enable oneself to contribute to the world we would like to see. So, if you are looking for some practical skills that you can learn in the comfort of your home, sign up now!

At the moment this course is offered by Nina Koevoets and Veronica Pelicaric, through Pace e Bene. The new cycle will be offered by Nina alone, with a few guest appearances of Veronica. Payments can be made on a sliding scale from 75 to 100, depending on your financial means as you see it. There are only 8 places, so if you're interested register quickly through the registration form, as people who sign-up first will have priority. The deadline to sign-up is the 3rd of May.

Please note that it is a requirement to buy the Study Guide and make the payment at least 4 days in advance.

Bron: Peace Power