Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Training voor jongerenwerkers

19-7-2018 Ook dit jaar is er weer een training voor jongerenwerkers waarin zij leren ideeŽn van geweldloosheid en vrede over te brengen. De training is internationaal gericht, maar vindt plaats in de vredesweek (17-23 september) in Nederland. Ideaal dus voor Nederlandse deelnemers.


There will be four webinars, to familiarize participants with the most important concepts, and prepare them for the training course. The training will be 7 days of intense learning about conflict , violence, nonviolence, peacebuilding andcreating social change, with a focus on the role of youth.

Who can apply?
We're looking for 24 youth workers who will share their new knowledge and skills with youth they work with, from or residing in: The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Norway, Spain and Turkey.


Participation fee: 60 euro All accomodation and meals are covered. Travel costs (of any means of transportation) to and from your home to the venue are covered up to a certain maximum.

How to apply?
Please fill in our application form. Find the link on our website.