Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Militaire muziek

9-9-2020 In Duitsland treden militaire orkesten en bands vaak op in kerken. Dit is een doorn in het oog van vredesactivisten. Zij hebben het plan opgevat om een boek te schrijven over de rol van muziek bij het militariseren van de samenleving. Zij vragen hulp bij het vinden van internationale voorbeelden.


In Germany, the Army Orchestras and Bands playing in Churches (no other places of Worship used as far as we know!) is a constant nuissance to pacifist clergy and others. The "halo effect" for the Bundeswehr is huge, the militarist role of the church is underlined and the normalisation of everyday militarisation is furthered again and again.


The activists trying to stop those concerts are now planning for a book to be released in 2024 targeting the practice of everyday militarisation through music. The concept so far looks at three differnt dimensions: structurally/theoretical, theologically, and empirically.


The project is born from within German protestant church circles, so the focus (so far) is heavily Christian. Nonetheless, they would like to include 1-4 international examples of active resistance to those types of concerts in other countries - if they exist. Here, it wants to include the practice of military music in ALL places of Worship.


If you are working on this yourself,
or you know someone who does
or the practice of resisting these concerts is part of your activism
or ....
you would like to submit a chapter to this book-project,


PLEASE get in touch with David Scheuing (DFG-VK): scheuing@dfg-vk.de.

Bron: DFG-VK