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Aktie: Minder emissies NAVO

15-9-2022 The Conflict and Environment Observatory is een actie begonnen om de NAVO en haar leden op te roepen serieus werk te maken van het terugbrengen van de uitstoot van broeikasgassen bij militaire activiteiten. Organisaties worden opgeroepen om deze actie te steunen. Vredesbeweging Pais heeft dat al gedaan.


CEOBS schrijft:


NATO - Commit to credible climate action


We're launching a joint call to tell NATO - count your emissions, cut your emissions! Add your organisation's name today.


In June, NATO announced plans for the organisation to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to work towards Net Zero by 2050. This could have been a huge moment for climate action and the military emissions gap. Instead, NATO's pledge falls short and simply covers the organisation itself - just a few offices, installations and other assets.


The pledge was paired with an announcement that NATO's GHG emissions will be tracked and monitored using a new methodology, developed by NATO. However, NATO has not yet made this methodology public which means that we have no way of knowing how far NATO's commitment goes, or how it plans to achieve Net Zero. Is this anything more than military grade greenwashing?


Join us in telling NATO: count them, cut them!


Count them:
NATO: Make your GHG emissions tracking methodology public so that independent experts can assess its credibility.
NATO members: Commit to counting emissions using the GHG Protocol and independent verification, and reporting them in a way that is robust, comparable and transparent.


Cut them:

NATO members: Commit to verifiable military GHG emission reduction targets that are consistent with the 1.5oC target in the Paris Agreement.


Sign up today


If your organisation supports this call, please sign up. If you're not part of an organisation, you can support the call by sharing it on social media or by writing to your local politician to highlight the need for urgent action.


Together we can ensure that NATO and its members get the message before COP27 in November.