Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Nobelprijs voor de Vrede 2022

7-10-2022 De Oekraïense Pacifistische Beweging heeft kritiek geuit op de toekenning van de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede aan o.a. het Oekraïense Center for Civil Liberties. Deze organisatie pleit niet voor vredesonderhandelingen maar voor meer directe deelname aan de oorlog door het Westen. Ook zegt zij nooit iets over Oekraïense mensenrechtenschendingen.


Yurii Sheliazhenko schijft namens de Oekraïense Pacifistische Beweging:


NGO Center for Civil Liberties (Ukraine) recently was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with Russian and Belarussian human rights defenders.


What is the Ukrainian secret of success? Here are some tips:

- don't rely on support of local citizens, embrace international donors with their agendas, like the U.S. Department of State and NED;

- support NATO membership of Ukraine, shame those who seek compromise with Russia and ask the West to engage in war against Russia on Ukrainian side by imposing no-fly zone and delivery of armaments;

- insist that war is necessary for survival and no negotiations are possible;

- insist that international institutions are worthless and therefore human rights activists must ask for weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces;

- insist that only Putin violates human rights in Ukraine, and only the Ukrainian army are real human rights defenders;

- never criticize Ukrainian government for suppression of pro-Russian media, parties, and public figures;

- never criticize Ukrainian army for war crimes, for violations of human rights related to war effort and military mobilization, like beating of students by the border guard for their attempt to study abroad instead of becoming cannon fodder, and nobody should hear from you even a word about human right to conscientious objection to military service.

Bron: Ukrainian Pacifist Movement