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Space Transformers Live

7-12-2021 Peace One Day organiseert op 21 december een dynamisch digitaal evenement dat een stem geeft aan de jonge (onder de 30 jaar) activisten, denkers en vernieuwers die werken aan een vreedzamere en duurzamere wereld.


Peace One Day schrijft:


You may already know that Peace One Day is producing a free live digital event on 21 December, Space Transformers Live. This is a dynamic digital experience giving a voice to the young change-makers, thinkers and innovators, under the age of 30, who are working towards a more peaceful and sustainable world.


I wanted to ask whether you might be able to help us draw attention to the Space Transformers Live event by giving it a push across your social media platforms, asking people to tune in. The Space Transformers participants are amazing young people, each of them taking responsibility for the space around them with incredible passion, energy and effectiveness. It's been a humbling process to work with all of them. Anything you can do to let your colleagues, friends and wider network know about the broadcast, asking them to log on, would be a huge encouragement to all the Space Transformers.


The programme starts at 15:00 GMT and runs into the evening; whichever section of the show you watch, I'm sure you'll find it inspiring and your participation will make all the difference.


Click here for more details about the event itself and a Social Media Pack, full of assets you can use to help get the word out and encourage your constituency to watch the broadcast.

Bron: Peace One Day