Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Geweldloos ouderschap

22-11-2022 Op 13 januari a.s. organiseert War Resisters' International een eerste online bijeenkomst over geweldloos ouderschap. De bijeenkomst is bedoeld voor ouders, grootouders en andere opvoeders. In hoeverre verwachten wij dat onze opvoeding "radicaal", "geweldloos", "antimilitaristisch", enz. is?


Uit de aankondiging:

But Nonviolent Parenting - what do we mean by this?


Some of us in the wider WRI network became parents in one or other ways in recent years, some of us turned grandparents. By taking up these tasks of "parenting" we anticipated or gradually gathered that there might be specific challenges for us - how our very own contexts of antimilitarist or pacifist morals and ethics as well as nonviolent activism impact on how we parent. Or do they?


We figured that the best way to find out was to have an exchange, to bring doubts, questions, challenges we face to the table, but also to build resilience and be a system of support to each other - the best way for this would be to start a "working-group" or "exchange-group".


After gathering our first thoughts, Andrew and I would now like to invite all of you who feel connected to the task of "Nonviolent (Grand-/Co-)Parenting" to a very first virtual meet-up:


January, 13th 2023 - 1pm UK-time/2pm CET/8am COT/EST/10pm KST


on the following topics:

1. Getting to know each other and expectations

2. How much do we expect our parenting to be "radical", "nonviolent", "antimilitarist", etc?

    - How much thought and intention do you put into parenting in a way that fits with your own values?

    - How much do you think your commitments to antimilitarism and nonviolence have impacted how you parent?

3. Topics for future meetings: Presentation and discussion


We tought of an initial six monthly meetings (2nd Friday each month, same time!) until June 2023, so we can draw a first conclusion at the International Assembly and see if this "Working Group" wants to continue.


If you want to join in this very first meeting, please get in touch with us by contacting David (scheuing@dfg-vk.de). We will put you on our little mailing-list, so we can spare the others on the list additional emails on login data etc. Please also let us know if you need any additional assistance or if translation from English is required, so we can prepare.

Bron: WRI