Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.

Jonge vredesactivisten bijeen

12-8-2018 De Duitse vredesbeweging organiseert van 26 - 28 oktober een bijeenkomst voor jonge (onder 35 jaar) vredesactivisten. Ook jonge mensen uit andere landen zijn welkom. Er zullen workshops, discussies, creatieve acties en veel tijd voor onderling contact zijn.


De oproep van de Duitse vredesbeweging:


You're vom 26. bis 28. Oktober 2018 interested in meeting other young people active for peace and antimilitarism? Are you interested in networking with activists from peace organisations and to discuss, how we can come closer to a world without violence and war?
Come to Kassel from 26-28 October 2018!


On this weekend the young activists under 35 from IPPNW, DFG-VK, JunepA and other peace and antimilitarism organisations will meet. We will have Workshops, Discussions and creative Actions on issues around peace politics. And there will be plenty of time for exchange and networking.
We have planned Workshops on nuclear arms, arms exports, gender and
militarisation and civil disobedience.


On the night of 27 October we will have a 'reclaim the night dancing'-demonstration and a concert afterwards. "Beats not bombs - Rüstungsindustrie wegbassen" aims at the arms industry producing tanks and other military equipment in Kassel.
We will meet in the University of Kassel, sleep in a gymnasium and have a solidarity kitchen.
Please register for this weekend until 31 August 2018!