Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.


25-8-2020 Ook dit jaar heeft Peace SOS weer een vredesmanifest opgesteld. Het begint met te stellen dat we allen verantwoordelijk zijn voor 'Een wereld waarin alle kinderen kunnen spelen'. Daarna worden de wereldleiders opgeroepen om kernwapens en killer robots uit te bannen en te investeren in vrede door conflictpreventie, humanitaire actie en armoedebestrijding.


Het manifest eindigt met een oproep om de natuur te beschermen en klimaatverandering te stoppen.


Het is de bedoeling om het manifest op 21 september te presenteren. Alle (vredes-)organisaties kunnen het manifest ondertekenen. Neem hiervoor contact op met Peace SOS via info@peacesos.nl


Tekst van het manifest:


For A World In Which All Children Can Play


We are all responsible for: A World in Which All Children Can Play

This vision can be used to envisionworld peace. It is essentialto maintain good relationships with political leaders of othercountries. And to empower voices of peace, people who help each other and come up with innovative ideas. In the case of a civil war, the international community should unite and stimulate dialogue between warring parties.


Please sign the nuclear ban, the Treaty on theProhibition of NuclearWeapons

It is 100 seconds to midnight on the symbolic Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. According to Princeton University, 90 million people will die or become wounded in the first few hours after a nuclear war breaks out. More people will die through radiation and hunger. If your country has already signed the Nuclear Ban, that is wonderful!


Please call for a ban on killer robots, lethal autonomous weapons

Join the 4500 artificial intelligence researchers who have called for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons. As e.g. Meia Chita-Tegmark has explained in a video about Why we should ban lethal autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence should be used to save and improve lives, not to do destroy them.


Invest in peace via peaceful means, humanitarian action and poverty reduction

Professor Bellamy (2019) states that despite clear evidence that, for example, conflict prevention, humanitarian action, and peacebuilding have positive impacts, these activities are all under-resourced. Global spending on arms is approximately $1.9 trillion. It is estimated that the annual cost of war is around $1.0 trillion. We promote investing in peace via peaceful means and humanitarian action. Gender equality promotes more peaceful societies. Furthermore, the participation of the youth in the field of peace and security is vital. Hunger must be stopped, and fresh water provided, also by empowering innovative ideas.


Protect nature and stop climate change

The Doomsday Clock has moved to 100 seconds to midnight because of nuclear weapons and climate change. Please follow the advice of climate scientists, climate and nature activists, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN (IPCC). Halt deforestation and encourage biodiversity.

Bron: Peace SOS