Vredesduif met olijftak in snavel.


22-11-2022 De president van Mexico heeft, in de pers weinig opgemerkte, voorstellen aan de VN gedaan om te komen tot een wereldwijde wapenstilstand. Daarop inhakend heeft de Nederlandse vredesorganisatie Peace SOS het initiatief genomen voor een oproep tot vredesonderhandelingen over Oekraïne. Deze oproep ondervindt wereldwijde steun. Vredesbeweging Pais is één van de ondertekenaars.


Meer over het vredesinitiatief van de president van Mexico


Tekst van de oproep vervat in een brief aan de president van Mexico:


Your Excellency,


Greetings from all of us, various peace organizations and peace lovers from all over the world.
Also from people from inside Ukraine.


We would like to draw your attention to the suffering of the people in Ukraine. We are shocked
by the people dying every day in Ukraine and the threat of a nuclear war. We hope that all lives
will be respected and cherished: the lives of the innocent children, the lives of all the civilians,
the lives of all the soldiers. We hope that the war in Ukraine will be over soon. That peace will
come and that humanitarian aid will be provided. Peace negotiations for Ukraine are needed
now. The Black Sea Grain Initiative gives us hope.


Your Excellency proposed a commission for dialogue and peace for Ukraine. Thank you very
much for this initiative! This is why we are addressing this letter to you. To be sure that our call
reaches you and your committee, we are also sending a copy to the members you wish to include
in that committee: HE Narendra Modi and Holy Father Pope Francis. In addition, we are
sending a copy to the Secretary General of the United Nations, HE António Guterres.


In an interview with Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University in Share International
magazine, we read that he has proposed to peace organizations to call for a resolution about
peace negotiations for Ukraine for the General Assembly of the United Nations.


We strongly support this idea and call in this letter for a resolution about peace negotiations for
Ukraine to be presented at the General Assembly of the United Nations. We look forward to
hearing your Excellency's opinion on this.


Hoping to see soon: A World in Which All Children Can Play.


Peace and all the best,


May-May Meijer, founder Peace SOS, Netherlands


en 87 andere ondertekenaars uit o.a. Rusland en Oekraïne.

Bron: Peace SOS